Creating a world-renowned Fintech & Funding Association that fosters a globally competitive, dynamic, and inclusive innovation finance industry in Canada


The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada (NCFA Canada) is a national non-profit actively engaged with social and investment crowdfunding, alternative finance, fintech, peer-to-peer (P2P), initial coin offerings (ICO), and online investing stakeholders across the country. NCFA Canada provides education, research, industry stewardship, networking opportunities and services to thousands of community members and works closely with industry, government, partners and affiliates to create a vibrant and innovative fintech and online financing industry in Canada.  For more information, please visit:

Membership is comprised of a network of entrepreneurs, investors and participants in the emerging fintech economy such as debt, equity, lending, reward, perk, product, digital tokens and hybrid funding platforms, consultants, marketing and media specialists, investors (private, retail, angel and venture capital), lawyers, accountants, and social enterprise groups interested in innovative capital markets and financial services.  While membership has a Canadian focus, NCFA Canada remains open and inclusive to International members and plugs into a vast network of fintech leaders and global communities around the world to collaborate and share best practices, standards, thought leadership, education and services.   Learn more about us.


Join Canada's Fintech Community


Participate and Reap the Benefits…

  • Add your voice to this rapidly growing industry
  • Introductions to industry professionals and emerging opportunities
  • Contribute and access research, education and data
  • Invitations to networking events and education workshops
  • Industry leadership, support and advocacy
  • Exclusive member services and discounts to industry events
  • Timely information on governmental and regulatory actions

What We Do

Education and Research

Provide education and market research on emerging trends, initiatives, regulations, and best practices

Industry Support and Stewardship

Advocate the growth of a collaborative and dynamic fintech industry in Canada

Networking and Connecting

Provide networking opportunities with fintech professionals in the industry

Technology and Infrastructure

Develop and support an industry that balances efficient capital formation and investor protection

Some Past Events

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