WEEK 2 – Digital Banking, Open X, Future of PayTech

July 16, 2020: Interactive Investors session on Fintech Now and Future Vision

  • Zane Schwartz (Senior Reporter, The Logic)
  • Dave Unsworth, Co-Founder and General Partner, Information Venture Partners
  • David Nault, General Partner, Luge Capital
  • Peggy Van de Plassche, Managing Partner, Roar Growth
Held at the 6th Fintech & Financing Conference FFCON20 DIGITAL RISE co-hosted by NCFA, TFI and partners; a virtual and interactive 8 week curated online event series taking place from July 9 through to August 27 every Thursday afternoon from 1:45 p.m. EDT.
Each week will be a deep dive into a new theme with high profile global fintech experts who will discuss innovation and Canada’s ability to compete and scale globally, the latest industry developments and emerging trends, regulation and thought leadership.
July 09: Scaling FinTech Funding, Innovation & Competition
July 16: Digital Banking, Open X, Future of PayTech
July 23: Sustainable Finance
July 30: Leadership, Adaptability & Culture
August 06: Digital Identity and Convergence Marketplaces
August 13: Currency Wars & The Rise of DeFi
August 20: Ai in FinTech: biased and in need of regulation?
August 27: The Biggest Debates in Fintech + Fintech Draft Finals



Join us Thursday, August 6, 2020!  As the digital economy grows and the world increasingly moves online, the future of digital identity will deliver new frameworks and infrastructure to support digital commerce, online interactions and social identification in more secure and robust ways than ever thought before. This future is here today where individuals and businesses can establish digital representations of their identities to serve as the gateway to store and protect sensitive data, manage permissions and ultimately enable the future of Convergence Marketplaces.

  • Why digital identity matters globally in 2020 - where is it taking us and what's the future
  • How businesses and government need to adapt to consumer ownership of data
  • Are consumers ready to control their own data?
  • How blockchain technology and other core tenants are the foundation for Convergence Marketplaces - A peak into the future 
  • Liquid Avatar and and convergent marketplace DEMOs