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Cast your vote for the FFCON19 People's Choice Awards!

Cast your vote for the most innovative and most impactful companies that you want to see pitch at FFCON19. Votes will be counted towards the People's Choice Award, to be announced at FFCON19 on April 4, 2019.

Online voting is open until March 29 at 11:59 pm.

Ashna Solutions an AI­-based parking management system for parking spaces of residential and commercial buildings. 

Balance offers a safe and easy way to buy, hold, and trade a basket of cryptoassets.

BooknBrunch connects readers + eaters with venues worldwide. Easily meet like­ minded people over a meal.

Coinbask is a decentralized platform to buy and sell baskets of tokenized digital assets. 

Consilium Crypto aggregates and analyzes information from a number of different channels, including market data, unstructured text and alternative data. 

Feedback is applying data­driven pricing to restaurants and food operators in order to reduce waste, increase margin and add efficiency to the food system. 

Fintros is the world's most anonymous careers platform, built to allow career aspirational folks unlimited career opportunities.

Hedgie is a free­to­play game that rewards players with cryptocoin that they can spend at participating businesses in real world.

Empowering women with a solution to make walking in High heels easy, simple and stylish. With the help of 3d­printing, we have created the first patent pending customized universal high heel protector.

The needls ad platform allows businesses to automatically create, target and optimize digital ads across Facebook and Instagram.

We charge a license fee and revenues sharing fee of $ 0.50 or 0.99% per transaction for money transfers, in­store purchases, online purchases or purchases of digital assets.

Owl is a modular data aggregator and analyzer to better Know Your Customer, offering instant KYC, AML and fraud detection.

We make digital currency accepted at 10,000,000+ retailers in 50+ countries.

An online student lending platform with a novel risk rating methodology based on educational metrics as well as financial ones, designed by advanced machine learning/AI models.

Vacation Fund is an employer ­matched travel savings and rewards program that incentivizes employees to put money aside and take meaningful vacations every year.

FAQs about the People's Choice Awards
What is the People's Choice Award?

It is an award that is given to the most innovative and most impactful pitching company at FFCON19, to be announced during closing remarks on April 4, 2019.

How is the award recipient chosen?

The recipient will be determined by a combination of online voting and crowd voting during the Pitching Sessions at FFCON19. 

Who is eligible for the award?

All pitching finalists at FFCON19 are eligible for the award.

What am I voting on?

You are voting on select featured pitching applicants for FFCON19. Online votes are considered when selecting pitching finalists.  

Where can I get more information about the award?

Please contact info@ncfacanada.org for any questions.






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