Apply to Speak at FFCON23: REGEN

The 2023 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (#FFCON23: REGEN) is a 5 WEEK hybrid conference presented by the National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association of Canada and partners and takes place:

WEEK 1 (Virtual):  March 14 (Digital Finance Innovation)
WEEK 2 (Virtual):  March 21 (Alternative Investing & 2023 Fintech Draft Competition)
WEEK 3 (Virtual):  March 28 (Regenerative Finance, Sustainability, Purpose)
WEEK 4 (Virtual):  April 4 (Metaverse, Web3, Digital Assets, DAOs)
WEEK 5 (In-person):  May 31 FFCON23 Mixer & Summer Kickoff Networking!

In its 8th year, FFCON23 remains inclusive and one of the most engaging platforms in Canada for high growth and emerging startups and scaleups, professionals, regulatory bodies and ecosystem stakeholders across all tech stacks, fintech sectors and funding related topics.  FFCON23 speakers are story tellers, experienced founders, active leaders, investors, C-suite executives, and rising stars at the intersection of finance, technology, entrepreneurship and global digital markets.  Join us as we continue to accelerate our mission to help develop value, growth and scale across the fintech industry.

FFCON23 offers speakers an opportunity to contribute to the:

  • Engaging and thought provoking discussions of strategy, launches, operational insight, governance and risks
  • Expansion of partnerships
  • Exploration of industry and co-founder problems and their solutions
  • Innovation showcase, demo, and opening of capital flows
  • Forging of productive relationships
  • Development of frameworks for growth and global commercial success
  • Investor?  Network, judge, and connect with companies as an investor
  • Discovery of investment and funding opportunities

If you have insights that need to be shared, a vision that demands to be heard or an experience to educate your peers, FFCON has an audience for you.

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Fintech, Blockchain, AI, Open Finance, Investors, Leadership & Innovation


FFCON speakers are global experts who share inspiring ideas, important experiences and highlighting the latest industry trends, insights and announcements. Apply to speak today