The theme for the 8th annual 2023 Fintech & Financing Conference and Expo (#FFCON23) is REGEN, representing the need for fresh thinking, regenerative finance, rebooting, and reigniting the opportunities (and challenges) of how successful fintechs in 2023 must go beyond technology to find purpose, create value, and build sustainable ventures.

FFCON23: REGEN covers the hottest fintech and funding trends providing participants with expert insights and unique opportunities for growth across sectors:  fintech, blockchain, altfi and alternative funding, web3, crypto, embedded finance, metaverse, refi, defi, NFTs, DAOs, GameFi, AI, public & private capital markets, open banking, lending, cyber security, decentralization and privacy, digital identity, payments, wealthtech, regtech, and more!  Tech and channel agnostic, highly collaborative, and focused on strengthening Canada’s fintech ecosystem while plugging into global expansion opportunities.  FFCON23: REGEN will explore the following themes designed to revitalize your thinking, and strengthen your knowledge, network and company.

Every year brings new challenges, milestones and barriers to be overcome.  Join a global fintech ecosystem at FFCON23 for a multi-day hybrid and experiential conference experience that facilitates thought-provoking and relevant discussions, lively debates and prime networking opportunities with innovators, investors, financial institutions, vendors, regulators, government and key industry stakeholders and help rewrite the future of digital finance.

At its core, FFCON23 is a must attend event and is designed to:

  • Remove roadblocks, increase adoption and bring markets to life
  • Showcase innovation and feature up-and-coming rockstars
  • Foster partnerships between fintechs and financial institutions
  • Provide investment channels and networking opportunities
  • Connect experts and emerging HR talent to markets
  • Open and inclusive forum for industry and all key stakeholders

We invite you to join us at the intersection of fintech innovation, capital and financial services.