The theme for the 7th annual FFCON21 is BREAKING BARRIERS, reflecting the growth and emerging challenges that the Canadian Fintech industry must navigate to achieve mass adoption and scale.  2020 was an unprecedented year due to covid’s impact that accelerated trends such as bitcoin’s institutionalization, the growing power of retail investors, 2nd round of Open Finance consultations, payment modernization, AI roadmap, emergence of digital identity as a ‘right’ and core data infrastructure…GDPR, growing support for Purpose (not just shareholder profit), green finance solutions to tackle shared global problems such as SDGs and climate change, EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion), and a firm ‘line in the sand’ for Big tech.

Fintech is breaking barriers.  It’s evolving quickly.  It’s not a niche.  It’s a permanent technological evolution that is changing the world of finance by high growth fintech companies and incumbent financial institutions.  It’s setting new standards and demanding new regulations.  Most importantly, it’s about delivering better financial products, services and outcomes for everyone especially consumers and small to midsize enterprises (SMEs).

Every year brings new challenges, milestones and barriers to be overcome.  Join a global fintech ecosystem at FFCON21 for an interactive and digital content experience that facilitates thought-provoking and relevant discussions, lively debates and prime networking opportunities with innovators, investors, financial institutions, vendors, regulators, government and key industry stakeholders and help rewrite the future of digital finance.

At its core, FFCON21:  BREAKING BARRIERS is a digital event taking place from May 11 – 13, 2021 and is designed to:

  • Remove roadblocks, increase adoption and bring markets to life
  • Open and inclusive forum for industry and all key stakeholders
  • Showcase innovation and feature up-and-coming rockstars
  • Foster partnerships between fintechs and financial institutions
  • Provide investment channels and networking opportunities
  • Connect experts and emerging talent to markets

We invite you to join us at the intersection of fintech innovation, capital and financial services.


Lots of opportunities to participate in the future of finance